Using Casino Payout Percentages to Evaluate Games

There are several different ways players can evaluate the online casino games they choose to play. Some games have better graphics, while others offer better bonus content. If players are interested in how much money they can win, though, there is only one surefire way to evaluate their favorite games. By looking at the casino payout percentages, players can see which games are most likely to reward them with cold hard cash.

What They Tell Players

Online casinos are required by law to publish information about each of their games, especially about their payout percentages. Casino payout percentages tell players a key piece of information about how lucrative a particular game is. However much the game takes in, it pays out a certain percentage of that amount in the form of winnings, whether over a series of small winnings or through one large jackpot. The percentage of each dollar that is paid out is called the game's payout percentage.

How Players Can Use the Information

The only problem with casino payout percentages is the percentage does not tell exactly how those winnings were paid out to players. If one player won 90% of the money paid into the game in a single term after 100,000 players played the game, then the game may not be worth playing. If that 90% was paid out over multiple games to 100 players, the odds are a little better that each player may walk away with some winnings.

Players should compare the payout percentages with the available payout tables. By seeing the circumstances under which payouts are made and how much is actually paid out, players can make the most educated choices about which games are worth playing and which should be avoided.