The Staying Power of Live Dealer Casinos

Some may dismiss the emergence of live dealer casinos as just another technological fad. In time, they say, online casinos will return to the tried and true virtual games of the past few decades. However, live dealer casinos are able to offer some qualities that may enable it to stick around well into the future.

Social Networking

Over the past decade many companies have recognized the social potential internet technology provides. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have made connecting with others a primary mover in online behavior, and the introduction of Google Hangouts integrates webcam technologies to bring people together even more. With live dealer casinos, players can engage in online gambling and connect with real people. Players can even make friends with their fellow gamers and relate to their favorite dealers.

Physical Media

Another benefit of live dealer casinos is the use of actual physical media to reproduce the games. Other online casinos use random number generators to produce the results of their games. By using actual decks of cards and roulette wheels that players can see in real time, players know they are getting the most authentic and reliable results possible. There are no computers edging the results in any particular direction, so players can rely more on their skills and luck to win money.

Live dealer casinos give players something that other online casinos never can; the authenticity of live gaming can make all the difference for players looking for a real game. With new technologies making it possible for people to connect and thrive, there's little chance that online gaming will turn back the clock and return to the cold and impersonal games of yesterday.